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Beautiful, secluded Damai Beach

sunny 35 °C

I was staying in Kuching, and the nearest beach I could find was Damai Beach, approx 30-40min via taxi. I'm sure there was a bus, but I have no patience for that. The taxi was 120 Ringgit roundtrip, which is about $41 Canadian.
My plan for the day was to have a relaxing beach day and work on my tan since the majority of my first 2wks of traveling was rain! But when I arrived I soon found out that Malaysian women are still covered head to toe, even at the beach. Their husbands however quickly stripped down to their tighty whities and ran into the ocean while their wives sat in the shade completely covered and sweating away.
I didnt feel comfortable removing my sundress and suntanning in a bikini after seeing how the local women were dressed at the beach. I felt that even my sundress, which was knee length with spaghetti straps, was too 'revealing'. So instead of tanning I walked the length of the 'boardwalk' taking photos.
I noticed these tiny snails all over the beach making intricate designs in the sand as they moved about.
There was only 2 or 3 hotels on the beach, plus these cabins for rent. At the far end of the beach was a place with a big cafeteria like restaurant with many vendors selling many different kinds of food. I enjoyed a chocolate banana roti.
Well, thats all for my day at the beach. Although I didnt get to relax the way I had hoped, I still enjoyed it. It was very clean, and very few people ... just the way I like a beach :)

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