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Krabi Feb 19 - 24, 2010

sunny 42 °C

On Day 11 we hopped on a ferry to Krabi. The ferry was prepaid in Phuket, and took 1.5hrs. It arrived in Krabi Town, and from there we took a longtail boat to the Railay Peninsula. The peninsula is only accessible by boat ... there is no motorized transportation or roads. Only walking. We splurged and spent $67 per night at the Sand & Sea Resort. We wanted to stay at at least one beachfront hotel on this trip. The hotel was not only beachfront, but had a pool, internet cafe, gym, beachfront restaurant with free continental breakfast, massage parlor & store. The only thing it lacked was air conditioning! It had a fan, but in +40C a fan is like someone blowing hot air in your face!

The peninsula has 3 beaches. East Railay Beach, West Railay Beach (which are back to back like the beaches on Koh Phi Phi Don), and South Railay Beach, aka Phranang Beach. East Railay has all the budget hotels, and an ugly beach. Phranang Beach only has 1 hotel thats $700 per night. We stayed on West Railay Beach ... nicer hotels & restaurants, gorgeous beach & cliffs, and it faced the setting sun! The photo below is of West Railay Beach looking south.
Same beach, but looking north. You can see a bunch of tourists arriving via longtail boats with their luggage. This was the only way on or off the island.
This is the pool at our resort

One afternoon we walked to Phranang Beach. To do so you get to go thru some cool caves!
It was a 20min hot & sweaty walk, but well worth it! This beach is perfect! This is exactly what I envisioned when I pictured Thailand :)
Happy Island in the background ...
One of many beautiful sunsets as seen from our resort!

The next day we went on an elephant trek! This was my first up close encounter with these huge animals! You dont realize how incredibly massive they are until you're standing next to one!!
We got to feed them pineapple. Their trunks are like fingers ... they can pick things up with it! When I ran out of pineapple, the elephant kept grabbing for more and ended up grabbing my boob, hahaha! It was funny except for the elephant snot on my shirt!
I'll be honest about the trek though ... we felt ripped off! All it was was a 1hr ride in a giant circle, crossing the same river twice. But the majority of the time was spent sitting atop the elephant waiting for it to eat, poop and fart! There wasnt actually a whole lot of 'trekking'. We stopped once for a photo op, but that was it.
Then we got to watch the elephants bathe themselves in the river!!!

Yet another beautiful sunset from our resort!

One thing I have learnt through my travels, is that its always cheaper to do things on your own than to go on an excursion. But if you must, never book it thru your hotel ... they always overcharge! By doing it on your own (either renting a car, hiring a taxi & driver, or just taking the public bus) you can set your own itinerary. You can go to only the places that interest you, and stay at each place for as little / long as you want. The only time we ever book excursions is if a boat is required. So that is what we did to go visit the Hong Islands in Phang Nga Bay. Our first stop was the tiny island of Koh Pakbia.
Then we zipped over to Koh Lading. Apparently 'lading' means paradise in Thai. This island was far from paradise! I didnt even take any photos, thats how un-awesome it was. A buffet lunch was served here before our final stop at Koh Hong.
The fish sure were hungry here! I hate snorkeling cuz I hate water on my face, especially salt water, so this shallow water with hungry fishies was perfect for a non-snorkeler like me :) large_IMG_1333-1.jpg

On our last day in Krabi we decided to rent a longtail boat for 3hrs for $45. That seemed to be the going rate everywhere, and no one would negotiate either. Our first stop was Sea Beach and Tub Island ... 2 small islands connected by a sandy isthmus.
After walking across the isthmus, we got back on the boat and headed over to Chicken Island. Its named this for the rocky outcrop shaped like a chicken's head.
Kevin jumped into the water to do some snorkeling. I stayed onboard and threw pieces of bread into the water to make the fish come his way. SO MANY fish came that you couldnt see the water (below)! They even started nipping at Kevin's stomach!
He didnt snorkel for long ... there were just too many fish! So then we headed over to the beach on Koh Poda. Loved it here! So scenic! I just love photographing longtail boats with the limestone islands in the background! I must say, Thailand is the most photogenic country I've traveled to!
Even more longtail boats :)
We spelt out 'Koh Poda' with broken coral pieces. The view from Koh Poda was looking back at the beautiful limestone cliffs of Krabi.

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